Terms and conditions for the reservation fee in the form of a deposit

(1) The payment of the booking fee, hereinafter referred to as the "deposit", is mandatory and forms the basis for the booking of the treatment. 2) The deposit always amounts to 50% of the value of the booked service. (3) The value of the prepaid service is determined by the price list listed on the Treatments page. (4) Deposits are non-refundable. 5. deposit can be made by cash, credit card, debit card, fast payment system including: blik, blik on [...].

A spa shower?

What's the deal with the shower? 💚Do therapists have any expectations of clients in relation to taking a shower before a treatment? 💦No, this is up to you as an individual 💚Do I need to notify in advance that I want to take a shower? 💦Because it will make things easier for us at Verde, it's best to call/text the reception number 784874707 💚Do you have to come in sooner than the agreed time [...]

Tracksuits at the spa?

If you feel like being the Queen of the Universe on this particular day, then get into some glitter, stilettos and a pressed dress. If you feel like your body hurts because it's overloaded, tired and sleep-deprived, then don't put extra pressure on yourself and put on sweatpants. Really? Seriously! Whether your belly is pulled in under a smart silk or stands out slightly wrapped in a t-shirt, or [...]

Travelling by sleeperplane or sleeping in a spa?

Note of caution: what happens if someone falls asleep during the massage and snores, or DON'T GIVE GOD doesn't wake up at the end of the treatment, but continues to dream? We dictate the rules: If you get up, don't panic, you are in a safe place, no one has snatched you. Stretch yourself and give yourself a moment Recall what you dreamed, [...].

Underwear and massage at the spa

Can #nowicjuszwspa stress the issue of underwear during a massage? Or maybe! Sometimes we find it hard to ask directly, we make ourselves feel pressured, we think we should know the answer to everything. So what about the underwear? Should we put it on? Do you take it off? In every Verde practice there is a box for disposable underwear. In this box, there are disposable panties [...].

How do you change your masseuse/therapist?

How do you change therapists in a spa? Is it ok to change the masseuse or therapist? Won't anyone feel offended, or is there a chance someone will be upset? If you've been enjoying treatments with one of our Girls and you're starting to miss something, want to try out new services or simply see how other hands massage then... DO IT! [...]

Do you speak to the therapist during treatment?

Some of you feel afraid of the awkward silence in the office, which is only natural when you are locked in a room with a stranger. Now, what it looks like from our side: We love to talk to you, you tell us wonderful stories that sometimes make us laugh to tears. You also often confide in us about your problems, [...].

Contraindications to massage

That massage is a wonderful thing, we probably don't need to convince anyone! That it is safe is also common knowledge. There is also a belief that it can always be performed because it will not harm anyone, and here we need to clarify a few things. There are some relative and some absolute contraindications to performing this pleasant procedure. Relative contraindications do NOT preclude the performance of massage, however, they limit what [...].

What not to do at the spa?

After every #nowicjuszwspa publication, we get questions about things and client behaviour that we therapists find difficult. Since you would like to know what to watch out for, here is a small list: - Don't feel judged. Really, this is very important. If you come for a massage, you have the right not to know and to ask questions. We prefer clients who ask, to those who in [...]

Vaccination versus massage/ ICOONE

When a global pandemic hits, or you are planning a trip to exotic countries, the vaccination calendar is likely to be in your way. Any massage, even Kobido, is a treatment that works on the lymphatic layer. This means that it accelerates the body's response, both within the framework of alcohol (massage + alcohol= much more likely to poison the body) and the amplification and acceleration of infection symptoms. Therefore [...]

Best massage time

Another common question that goes through your mind. Fortunately, sometimes you ask it directly. Is the answer simple? Of course not! The timing of a massage varies greatly. If you are having a more difficult day full of tension, we recommend a quick lunchtime treatment. A 45-minute massage is great for getting you back on your feet, giving you the strength and support you need. When the day is still ahead of you, but [...].

Should I shave my legs before a massage?

DO YOU HAVE TO SHAVE YOUR LEGS BEFORE A MASSAGE? NO! surprised? None of the physiotherapists will look unfavourably on a non-do-shaved calf. We promise! Firstly, it's perfectly normal for us, we also massage men who don't shave their legs after all. Secondly, a freshly shaved leg can be cut, which takes away the comfort of our work and the comfort of your rest! Thirdly, a day-old bristle can be quite [...].

A surprise gift and a visit to the spa

This time we're taking a surprise gift to the wall. A cool deal? Yes, it is! Giving a surprise gift at the spa, however, requires a moment's thought. Why? Because the recipient of the gift needs to feel safe and comfortable when letting someone into an area as intimate as body contact. Often before a treatment, we want to take a shower, put on fresh clothes, not be after a long day at work. We don't want [...]

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