What not to do at the spa?

After each publication in the #nowicjuszwspa we get questions about things and client behaviour that we therapists find difficult.

Since you would like to know what to look out for, here is a small list:

- Don't feel judged.
Really, this is very important. If you come for a massage, you have the right not to know and to ask questions. We prefer clients who ask, to those who are awkwardly trying to second-guess unfamiliar procedures. We are there for you, not the other way around.

- Don't be embarrassed by the appearance of your body.
Sometimes clients, because of their own complexes and poorer self-esteem, tighten their muscles during the massage, pull in their abdomen, etc. We sweat and gymnastise to relax you, and you hold on. This remark applies above all to gentlemen! Dear Gentlemen, even when you come for a couples' double treatment and your partner/your partner is peeking out from the bed next to you, do not tense your muscles. Get some rest. A rested man is a better man!

- Don't be late or cancel at the last minute.
Treatments at Verde are stuck, which makes us extremely happy. Sometimes, unfortunately, we have to say no to someone in need because each of us has already exceeded our own human limit of overtime. When, due to lack of places, we don't accept a client who needs help, and someone else doesn't come in because they forgot.... Then we feel frustrated and stressed.
The same goes for lateness-one moves all the subsequent treatments on our schedule and other clients wait longer for their turn. Just like at the doctor's.

- Don't hit on us or make ambiguous proposals.
This is obvious to us. We are in touch with your bodies, we love to help you release tension and pain. However, some people forget that Verde only provides spa & wellness services. Please do not treat us as if we were erotic contacts, we will not meet your expectations in this regard.

- Do not come to us under the influence of alcohol.
Now, we're not going to write about how stressful it can be to be locked in the same office with a drunk person, because that's obvious. We are going to write to make you think of yourself- a massage after alcohol is a risk of a gigantic hangover. It's not worth it!

- Don't forget to communicate.
Only you can tell us if a firm massage is something you enjoy. Only you are able to tell us that you want the areas of your breasts, armpits, knees, anything that comes to mind!
Only you, you can say you prefer quieter or louder music, colder or warmer air temperatures, so don't hesitate to tell us how you feel.

- Don't hide your illnesses or contraindications to massage. Massage has power, seriously! If you are straight after a cancer illness or simply starting some kind of infection, viral, a massage can do you a lot of harm!

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