Contraindications to massage

That massage is a wonderful thing, we probably don't need to convince anyone!
That it is safe is also widely known.
There is also the belief that it can always be done because it will not harm anyone, and here we need to clarify a few things.
There are some relative and absolute contraindications to performing this smuggling procedure.
Relative contraindications do NOT preclude the performance of a massage, but limit as to how, when and where the massage is performed.
Such contraindications include, for example, HEAD pain, pregnancy, hypertension or menstruation.
Absolute contraindications absolutely rule out the possibility of massage, because in these specific cases massage can worsen the patient's condition. Here is a list you should familiarise yourself with:
- lymphadenitis
- cancer
- uncompensated heart defects
- thrombosis
- phlebitis
- infection, inflammation
- fever over 38 C
- aneurysm
- multiple sclerosis
That is why we ask you to fill in these boring documents before every massage. For your safety!
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