Do you speak to the therapist during treatment?

Some of you feel apprehensive about the awkward silence in the office, which is perfectly natural when you are locked in the same room with a stranger.

Now what it looks like from our side:
We really enjoy talking to you, you tell us wonderful stories that sometimes make us laugh to tears. You also often tell us about your problems, which show us how much you are carrying on your shoulders. We are always grateful for the trust you place in us.

We understand that some of you come out of the house to experience the hustle and bustle of babyness, but the other part of our clients are tired of the chaos of everyday life. This second group of girls relax best in silence, which we also really enjoy and appreciate. The silence allows us to concentrate fully on the best choice of techniques to help you.

So, to answer the question about talks in the study: it really depends on your current needs, follow them. We would sincerely love to accompany you, each in our own unique way.

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