Underwear and massage at the spa

Is #nowicjuszwspa can you stress the issue of underwear during a massage?
Or maybe! Sometimes we find it hard to ask directly, we put ourselves under pressure, we think we should know the answer to everything.
So how about that underwear? Do you put it on? Take it off?
Every surgery at Verde has a box for disposable underwear. This box contains disposable undies for ladies and gentlemen, and we invite you to help yourself!
What can you do if you think that disposable underpants are a terrible discomfort and an embarrassment, a pollution of the environment and one big no-no? You can always stay in your own underwear, but it is worth remembering that cotton underpants will beautifully absorb the shea butter warmed in your hands and rubbed into your body. In addition, their cut may make the therapist's job a little more difficult.
It may also be that you do not wish to have your thighs and buttocks massaged, make this known before the treatment, the girls will respect your request without any problem!
And no underwear? Girls, women and ladies, we strongly recommend that you do not wear a bra when having a back or full body massage, the effects of the massage work will stay with you much longer if you let us work on the whole back area.
And no knickers? We see no objections either! For us, the body is the working area. In addition, most of your body is always covered with a towel during the massage, so your intimate area will remain away from our eyes.
So keep calm and just relax with or without panties!

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