Transbucal massage


Massage, transbucal therapy What it consists of: - is a massage conducted inside the oral cavity - its aim is to relax and smooth structures inaccessible from the outside through the skin and to reach muscles and depths - provides relief from tension headaches, jaw pain, neck pain.

When we use - during orthodontic therapies - before or after dental procedures - for people with bruxism and trismus - for migraines - for high facial muscle tension, masseter, jaw, neck/neck soreness - for people with raised nerve tension - for facemodelling for better aesthetic results.

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All people struggling with the problem of bruxism, i.e. habitual, stress-induced jaw clenching, are very familiar with migraines, headaches and neck pain. Painkillers only work for a short while without removing the cause, and classic massage, although it can bring relief, is unable to get to the root of these difficulties.

The masseters are strong, highly innervated muscles that set our jaw in motion. When long-standing bruxism leads to hypertrophy of the masseters, transbouchal therapy, or intra-mouth massages, comes to the rescue. These techniques allow us to reach the deepest layers of the muscle effectively relaxing it.

The therapy provides relief for people undergoing orthodontic treatment, dental treatment, people with bruxism, tension jaw, high muscle tension in the face, neck and neck. It is recommended during Zoga, Kobido or Facemodelling for better aesthetic results.