A wonderfully relaxing massage session

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Category: body treatments, relaxation, calming, backache, muscle pain, pace of life, therapeutic, physiotherapy, multisensory, premenstrual tension, mood decline, autumn solstice, depressive conditions, anxiety

Skin type: dry, oily, mixed, mature, sensitive, acne-prone, normal

On the problem: daily stress, high tension, dry skin, headaches, back pain, neck pain, tiredness, overtraining, chronic fatigue, fast-paced life, sedentary work, body discomfort, lowered mood, autumn solstice, depressive conditions, anxiety

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A wonderful massage for those overburdened by the rush of everyday life. Gentle, flowing movements induce deep relaxation and give space to get away from rushing thoughts.
Ideal for those who find it difficult to de-stress on their own. A contemplative, most peaceful treatment in the Verde Day Spa range.