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Skin type: each
On the problem: irregularities in the chin and neck, bruxism, migraines, uneven surface of the skull bones, scars, adhesions, freezing of facial expressions due to depressive states, pain and tension in the eye area, eye pain in the neck, smart-neck, facial wrinkles if you don't like them
intensity: high, at times painful.
Area: head, shoulders, neck, décolletage

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Zoga Face Integration is a type of facemodelling, which means shaping and improving the condition of the tissues of the facial area. It has so many techniques that there would be enough for nine hours of continuous work.

Zoga is a therapy, and unlike Kobido or Kassaya massages, it looks a little different every time.

The techniques of this therapy are inspired by facial yoga, transbukal (intra-oral) techniques, structural therapy, fascial therapy, scar and bone tissue therapy.

Its aim is to bring all tissues to work together naturally at all depths to achieve lasting changes: aesthetic and health. That is, more precisely: to remove tension, discomfort and pain, the causes of facial wrinkles or facial asymmetry.

Zoga functions fully as a stand-alone, therapeutic method of working with the head and face and chest area.

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