Very pleasant Herbal Stamp Massage

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Category: body treatments, relaxation, calming, backache, muscle pain, pace of life, therapeutic, physiotherapy, multisensory, premenstrual tension, mood decline, autumn solstice, depressive conditions, anxiety
Skin type: dry, oily, mixed, mature, sensitive, acne-prone, normal
Treatment area: whole body
On the problem: daily stress, high tension, dry skin, headaches, back pain, neck pain, tiredness, overtraining, chronic fatigue, fast-paced life, sedentary work, body discomfort, lowered mood, autumn solstice, depressive conditions, anxiety

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A divine combination to pamper the senses and nurture the skin.
Zmysłowa kompozycja ciepła, zapachu i dobrodziejstw natury – stemple ziołowe podgrzane w mieszance naturalnych olejów przynoszą wiele korzyści w zakresie dobrego samopoczucia i ukojonej skóry. Dodatkowym atutem jest nieunikniony delikatny peeling, dzięki któremu substancje  zawarte w stemplach w łatwiejszy sposób wnikają wgłąb skóry.
This treatment is characterised by a variety of massage techniques: from exfoliating movements, through pressure with stamps, stronger manual techniques to pleasant long relaxing techniques.

Treatment area - whole body - back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, chest
Intensity: stronger

Recommended for people who want to take care of both skin and muscles, who like the multi-sensory aspect of relaxation. Great after a workout, for sore muscles, for those who prefer stronger techniques.