Lymphatic drainage

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Category: cellulite, oedema, lymphatic, standing work, body treatments, relaxation, calming, therapeutic, physiotherapy
Skin type: with swelling
Treatment area: whole body or selected parts
On the problem: cellulite, oedema, lymphatic system, daily stress, high tension, feeling of fatigue, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, fast lifestyle, sedentary work, standing work, discomfort in the body

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Removal and prevention of swelling and stagnation. Supports anti-cellulite treatment.

Therapeutic massages such as lymphatic drainage are primarily recommended for medical indications - swelling, lymphatic problems. In a suitable sequence of body parts, the nodes and lymphatic vessels are emptied of excess fluids as far as possible, achieving increased fluid circulation and their faster removal from the body.

The treatment is performed on the whole body or, in the case of more localised swelling, locally on the problem area.

Intensity: delicate

Recommended for those qualified by a doctor for drainage, those dealing with stasis and swelling of the limbs or torso and those experiencing associated discomfort.
Also highly recommended after a long journey, especially by plane, or in the course of body cleansing and anti-cellulite therapy.