Verde Couples

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Category: date, anniversary, friends, for two, body treatment, relaxation, calming, back pain, muscle pain, pace of life, therapeutic, physiotherapy, gift,
Skin type: dry, oily, mixed, mature, sensitive, acne-prone, normal
Treatment area: whole body
On the problem: date, for a gift, birthday, name day, daily stress, high tension, dry skin, headaches, back pain, neck pain, feeling tired, overtired, no time for yourself, chronic fatigue, fast-paced lifestyle, sedentary work, discomfort in the body, time for two

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A treatment for two - a wonderful way to spend time together in a substantial way.

The Verde massage is the quintessence of our client's tastes - thanks to many years of experience, we have selected the nuances that delight the client: the benefits of Shea butter are combined with the relaxation provided by hot stones; a fully customised massage style chosen to suit your current needs is the icing on the cake. After the massage session, you will prolong the pleasant moments with a glass of wine and fragrant gifts.

Treatment area: whole body- back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, chest.
Intensity: individual

Verde Couples massage is recommended for special occasions, when you want to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, need to boost your relationship, when you need something special and when you can't quite decide which massage action is most important to you.

- body relaxation
- relaxation and muscle regeneration
- stimulation of blood circulation
- alleviation of psychological tensions
- establishing a multi-faceted dialogue with the partner