Icoone + Focuses

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Treatment time: from 30 minutes

On the problem: swelling, stasis, lack of immunity, recurrent infections, back pain, pain in the body, wandering pains, varicose veins, spider veins, migraines, tension, cellulite, cold feet, lack of firmness, sagging skin, lowered buttocks, drooping breasts, anxiety, lack of energy, apathy, malaise, depression, lowered mood, preparation for surgery, dysfunction, over-stimulation.

Categories: drainage, body treatment, Icoone, banquet treatment, slimming, weight loss, weight reduction, girth reduction, modelling, lifting, lipolysis, plastic surgery, bio-renewal, constipation

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* What does the Icoone treatment look like?
Various 🙂

We like to align the vast possibilities the machine offers with your priorities and needs.However, there are a few must-see icoon meeting points:

- if you are determined to do the Icoone series and this will be our first meeting, be prepared to have your body measured and photographic documentation of the areas you want to work on. This is needed so that you will have a better insight into the effects of the treatment after the series is over.

- while taking measurements, the therapist will interview you to help plan the number and frequency of appointments and focuses*.
- you will receive a certified Icoone garment and disposable undergarment to fit your body and allow the Icoone heads to work the vacuum most effectively for the best results.
- each icoone treatment begins with a 20-minute full-body drainage, which in itself is a relaxing, immune-boosting and skin firming massage.

- After draining the body, we carry out so-called focuses.

WHAT IS FOCUS?Focus is simply an area of increased work using a large icoone head, a laser to accelerate lipolysis and a red LED light to increase cell metabolism. An additional 10-minute massage on a selected part of your body will speed up the wait for the results you dream of 🙂

The most common focuses are: shoulders, bust area, upper back, lower back, flanks, abdomen, breeches, front thighs, side thighs, back thighs, inner thighs, buttocks, calves.

We like Icoone for its wide range of possibilities. Mostly clients ask us for help with:
* cellulite, loss of skin firmness, too large circumferences, asymmetrical or disproportionate silhouette,
* stasis, oedema, swelling,
* pelicans, sagging buttocks, excess skin, e.g. on the abdomen
* unsatisfactory weight
* conditions before and after plastic surgery, especially liposuction, revisions, etc.
* back pain, joint pain, contracted tissues, reduced mobility, lack of freedom
* low immunity, high tissue tenderness, sensitivities, hypersensitivities, sensory integration disorders, constipation
* reduced mood, depressive mood, hyperactivity