Vascular Therapy

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Duration: 45 minutes to 60 minutes

Treatment area: face

On the problem: Vascular fragility, erythema

Categories: Facial treatment, acid therapy, chemical peel, capillaries, broken capillaries.

Recommendations: regular home care to maintain the effects of the treatments. Treatments in a series - 6 treatments every 7-10 days

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This is a Peel Mission brand mono acid cocktail therapy, individually selected to meet the needs of the skin, with priority expectations. It is an application of 1 to a maximum of 4 mono acids, including lactobionic, phytic, ascorbic, almond, among others.

The treatment is progressive, meaning that once the right acids have been selected, the concentration and/or length of exposure is increased with each subsequent treatment. Additional acids are also added for better and more satisfying results.