Deeply Soothing Hot Candle Massage

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Category: body treatments, relaxation, calming, back pain, muscle pain, pace of life, therapeutic, physiotherapy, heat therapy, vip, delux massage, premenstrual tension, autumn despondency, my day
Skin type: dry, oily, mixed, mature, sensitive, acne-prone, normal
Treatment area: whole body
On the problem: daily stress, high tension, dry skin, headaches, back pain, neck pain, feeling tired, overtraining, chronic fatigue, fast-paced lifestyle, sedentary work, body discomfort, autumn blues, premenstrual tension, frostbite, depression, anxiety

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Additions to the treatment

Relaxation in a warm setting. The richness of heated natural butters and oils will relax you and nourish your skin. Let yourself be wrapped up!
In the candle used for the massage you will find: argan, jojoba and soybean oils as well as shea and shorea seed butters. Your body will smile, your skin will become well-groomed and soft, and you will not lack relaxation. Thanks to the increased temperature, the rich substances will easily penetrate into the deeper parts of the skin.

The massage is either a relaxation or anti-stress version - the therapist will agree this with you immediately before the treatment.

Treatment area: whole body
Intensity: individual

Recommended for people who are warm-hearted, with dry and poorly nourished skin, who like something more in a massage than the massage itself and who appreciate an air of luxury.