szefowa spa

Dreams turned into matter. Bracka, massage and me.

In 2011 I had a vision of a tasteful therapeutic massage, individually tailored to your needs. Massage and therapies that allow you to let go of your muscles, head and heart.

I broaden my horizons, learn, draw conclusions, implement novelties, ideas and non-standard solutions.

Dozens of wonderful therapists have passed through Verde since then, stopping here to create a piece of awesomeness with me, each time different. Each time they have left SOMETHING behind. We created an amazing ether, we gave each massage a specific temperament.

We have become experts in pampering, soothing, disarming tensions, lifting moods, wrapping up anxieties.

Today we want to take care of you even more through greenery, touch, attentiveness, adjustment, presence. Let us help you.